Waak is a non-profitable and non-government organization which committed to working for the prosperity of the village, welfare services to meet the needs of the community.

A community which works for the well-beingness of the group of people. The Waak welfare association works for the development of the village. The association is working towards to Provide accessible healthcare for the poor who are in need, creating awareness on health. To organization serves the underprivileged people who need some basic facilities like shelter, food, and clothing. It provides care services to the elder, children, and old age people. The Children are the future of the nation, so the community working towards making the village 100% literacy rate, and providing education without any bias based on the caste, and status. The association works towards making the village clean and sanitized.

The next main objective of the association is to increase the tree count, thus adds beauty, increases the greenery and to make pollution free village. Next important objective is to help the pillars of the nation called farmers. The organization will help the farmers by creating awareness on the farming, about the crop, crop-yielding methods, and new technologies usage. The association will create awareness on the pulse polio, blood donation camps and make village free from plastic bags. We have here to give the pure drinking water to the complete village, and no one should effect with the fluoride.